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Dubai police Careers for Dummies
07.11.2017 01:36


What degrees are required to become a Dubai police officer?

To qualify for the post of a Dubai Police officer you should be a citizen of U.A.E. and should have completed minimum 12th standard (Intermediate) from the local Arabic School through Arabic medium of instruction along with English as a second language or he should hold a University Degree from a UAE University.

Also, there are some expats who are working in the IT and other technical depts. of the Dubai police but they are not holding the rank of a police officer.

Dubai Police Have Loads Of Job Vacancies Right Now And This Is How You Can Apply

We just posted about the salary you can earn as a police officer in Dubai, the response was huge, and the good news is the police force is hiring!

And you don't need to actually be the one to 'enforce' the law they have a whole range of jobs available including customer service supervisor and graphic designer.

You have until December 31 to apply, so get going with the applications, follow the link here.

Here is a list of the available jobs


1st Corporal

Primary service provider

Graphic designer

Documents Examination Expert


1st Constable



Customer Service Provider

Useful Link: Dubai Police Jobs for Pakistani 2018 https://www.247careersindubai.com/dubai-police-careers



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